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Case study: vibe fm


Howard Groves

Managing Director

Vibe FM 


We have worked with Infinite Film on two projects and have been delighted with the outcomes. Their approach made us evaluate exactly how our videos, which are largely for use on social media, should appear and how to make the most of the time available using these channels. Both shoots went very well and our two presenters who appeared in one of the films, spoke very positively about their experiences when out on location with the team. Overall a great success and we would certainly work with Infinite Films again.

 As national radio stations become centralised, local and independent radio is again becoming the key connection between local businesses and the local people, being the Community's only radio to deliver local events, issues and news.  Now more than ever you need to spread the word.

We understand the duel needs of a local Radio Station to attract both listeners and sponsors, without one, you lose the other. We can help you optimise your video marketing approach and budget, whether it is to one or both, by providing videos with multiple uses and aims.


Our videos are designed through every component to represent your brand and promote your business. We work with you to understand and clearly deliver your message to your audience.  With today's variety of online sites you need adaptive video format,  we will ensure your video is tailored to work at it's best on your chosen sites.

Live Event

This video is used by Vibe for marketing and attracting sponsorship from local and national businesses.


It demonstrates the breadth of their audience, their advertising potential in the local community and their current connections with large businesses (Intu Shopping Centre).

We captured not only the Acts performing, but highlighted the number and variety of smiling people drawn by Vibe's concert to the local shopping centre.


This video was released on Vibe's social media on the day Heart FM left Watford as a local radio station.

It has a duel purpose of promoting their breakfast show (and give a face to the presenters) whilst highlighting the fact they are now the only 'local' radio station delivering local information.

Vibe's demographic is 20 - 40 yrs old. Therefore the video was made vertical, to optimise it for use on social media (predominantly watched on mobile devices by that age group).

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