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Video Production can be an intricate process, with many different areas of expertise required. We will be there the entire way, guiding you through each stage.


Though each project is unique, there are Five Stages to every production:


To get the right concept for your video it is paramount that we know who you and your brand are.


From initial contact we will be learning all we can about what you do, how you do it and what you want to say.


From this we will put together a brief of your video requirements and run though ideas and develop concepts that satisfy this brief.


By the time we reach the end of this Stage, we will have the right Video Concept and be ready to get started on Pre-Production.

Pre - Production is simply the process of getting everything prepared for Filming.

This might be finding a location, developing a script, hiring crew or sourcing props.


No matter what your budget level is, we will work with you to help ensure everything is ready for the shoot.

At the very start of Pre-Production a shoot date will be set - so everything can be booked and ready for that date.

At the end of Pre-Production, we are ready to shoot.



Our vast experience in film production means that every element of the Shoot is planned and scheduled in the Pre-Production Stage, so when the shoot day arrives there should be no hiccups, simply smooth filming.

We will bring all of the necessary kit (from camera to steadicam to crane) and hire all of the crew (from DoP to make up artist to location manager) needed to produce your video.

We have an extensive catalogue of Kit Houses and Crew so that whatever is required, is there and ready to work at the right level.

Once we have all of the footage, we move on to Post Production.

Here your video is put together by one of our Editors and the video Director. Again every aspect is considered, from the pace of the video to the cut transitions to suit your brand and video style.


The footage is graded by a Colourist, correlating the colours of your branding with the style of the video.


Any Animation or Graphics will be integrated 




The video is now ready for Delivery.

We will have given you advice early on in the  Conception stage of the possible end uses your video will have. These 'uses' will decide the format in which we give you the video and guide elements of the Pre-Production -  for example the type of camera, lighting and so on. 

We will ensure whatever the end use is for your video, whether it's for Social Media, your website, TV play or Broadcast, the final video will be optimised to look and work at it's best.

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