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Make your vision a reality

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Telling stories is our passion

Infinite Film covers all aspects of Narrative film making, from script development to production to post. We produce our own as well as providing Production Services to others.

Our individual experience in the film industry covers every department and every level. Collectively there is no project our experience is not right to work on or produce.

What type of narrative video are you looking for?

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Our crew have directed, produced and worked on cinema quality productions.



We have collaborated with numerous directors, writers and producers to create engaging, festival winning short films


We have the capacity to produce long running TV / Web productions.



Our skills in story telling allow us to create natural and compelling docs.

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Next year's


Next Year's Model is a dark comedy exploring  technology's role in our sex lives.


Disillusioned with human relationships, Doug buys himself the latest sex robot, ready to settle down happily ever after!


However, life with a sex robot is not all it's cracked up to be and he can't quite escape his connection to real life people.

Director: Zoe Beck

Writer: Richard Brandon

Production Company: Infinite Film

Director Of Photography: Gavin L. Fry

Starring: Ferris Ferhat, Roxanne Gregory, Rebecca Tromans



Here Comes The Sun, stares Ewen MacIntosh & Roxanne Gregory. A dark comedy, depicting the final night of an asthmatic prostitute's work.


Sarah wakes from a nightmare only to find herself in one. Her client, Darren lies dead at the bottom of the bed and she can't remember what happened. Eitherway, she decides she must get out and as quickly as possible, but not without her hat. 

Director: Zoe Beck

Writer: Zoe Beck

Production Company: Infinite Film

Director Of Photography: Gavin L. Fry

Starring: Roxanne Gregory, Ewen Macintosh


Akane is the black sheep in her family, living out a fantasy life online and after dark. One day she receives a message saying “I want to love you from the bottom of my heart”. The film depicts how the various members of her family, busily distracted by their own lives, fail to notice their lonely and emotionally insecure teenage daughter slipping into a dangerous online friendship, seeming to find the love she seeks ... but nearly paying for it with her life

Director: Cica Oyama

Writer: Cica Oyama, Takaki Uda

Production Company: Tokyo Muse, Talent Films, Infinite Film

Director Of Photography: Gavin L. Fry

Starring: Satomi, Shuntarô Yanagi


The death of his safe cracking grandfather has landed Johnny as the only one left alive who can open a safe for a degenerate crew of violent gangsters, but he's just a junkie with little more on his mind than getting that next fix...

Director: Mark Abraham

Writer: Andy Bloom

Production Company: Control Films

Director Of Photography: Gavin L. Fry

Starring: Joe Cole, Kenny Doughty, Stuart Graham 



Ian Bridges has a job he enjoys, works his own hours and earns good money. But he?s not a happy man. He wants more from life and longs to find that special lady to share his success. The only problem is, the only women he gets to meet in his line of work end up dead. Still, he?s determined to find a wife, even if it means that he has to kill every woman in Britain.

Director: Mark Abraham

Writer: Danny King

Production Company: Control Films

Director Of Photography: Gavin L. Fry

Starring: Daniel Caltagirone, Ella Smith, Johnny Harris 


The Boat People is a psychological thriller. Jared is taken to the coast by his new girlfriend, Alice. They stay in the seaside cottage she's owed all her life with her sister, Cleo. As soon as he gets there, Jared begins to have haunting dreams of a distant exotic land Gradually Jared realises that the sisters are using his dreams to uncover a long-buried secret from their childhood, when they lived in Vietnam and their parents were brutally murdered. But who was the murderer? And why does Jared begin to feel that his life is now threatened? 

Director: Rob Curry

Writer: Anthony Fletcher

Production Company: 5th Column Films

Director Of Photography: Gavin L. Fry

Starring: Nabil Elquahabi, Raquel Cassidy 

our client testimonials

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‘Gavin was an integral part of my crew…was absolutely fantastic to work with. He was extremely creative, had really inventive ideas and worked tirelessly. I wouldn't hesitate in involving himin any future projects.He was a real asset to the team...’


Kate Bush


‘Infinite is one of the hardest working group of people we have had the pleasure meeting and working alongside. Infectious and creative, we've seen them tackle different genres always achieving the same result...perfection’

George Tizzard - Red Triangle Productions 

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