Stunning visuals and innovative concepts

Exciting, innovative and engaging

We see ourselves as visual artists, always telling stories, whether this is through conceptual art or narrative form. 


Infinite Film delivers all aspects of Creative film making, from developing the initial concept to production and post and we can help you on your creative journey at whatever point you are at in the process.

We produce our own Creative projects,  as well as providing Production Services to others.

Our individual experience in the film industry covers every department and every level. Collectively there is no project our experience is not right to work on or produce.

We have produced over two hundred music videos, of all kinds of genres and for all kinds of artists. We adapt our skills as filmmakers, artists and creatives to suit you.

Our videos have amassed millions of views of online, shown on all major music channels and have been nominated and won for numerous awards.

What type of CREATIVE VIDEo?


A strong visual style to metaphorically bring your music to life.


Create a breath taking backdrop to your performance.


Take the viewer on a journey into the world you have created musically. 


Capture the essence of stage performance. 



Our crew have directed, produced and worked on cinema quality productions.


We have collaborated with numerous directors, writers and producers to create engaging, festival winning short films

We have the capacity to produce long running TV / Web productions.


Our skills in story telling allow us to create natural and compelling docs.


Our CREATIVE Portfolio

Tsunaina | Music Video
Lilith & The Knight | Rebirth
Here Comes The Sun | Film
Phildel | Music Video
Albertacross | Without
Bianca Bazin | Perishing Heart Live
Nigel Thomas | I've Been Thinking
BON | Subconscious
Richard Fairlie | Shelter
Next Year's Model | Film
Tsunaina | Waterways
Phildel | Electric Heights
Suicide Love | Film
Bianca Bazin | Perishing Heart
Darling Boy | Music Video
Albertacross | Find A Home
Hitman Diaries | Film
Zuzu | Skin & Bone
Abigail Scott | Damaged
Bianca Bazin | Poor Thing
Lilith & The Knight | War Cry (Per)
Lilith & The Knight | War Cry (Nar)
Phildel | Oh Love
Nigel Thomas | I've Seen Forever
Silent Descent | Rob Rodda
Yerosha | Where Love Lives
Lilith & The Knight | Fallen
AHMT| We Are Brothers
AHMT | I've Got These Feelings
Darling Boy | Roisin
Silent Descent | Vortex
Gabz | Up
Rob Jarvis | End Of Our Days
Bianca Bazin | Music Video
Rob Jarvis | End Of Our Days
Lilith & The Knight | Insanity
Room 94 | So What
Yerosha | Truth (Live)
Gabz | Counting Scars
Katy Tiz | City Boy (US)
Lily Phillips | Worships Me
Yerosha | Tell It To Me Now (Live)
Zuzu | Palo Alto (Narrative)
The Promise | Hypnotise
Nigel Thomas | 3rd Movement
Yerosha | Tell It To Me Now
Guilio Poggio | Piano (Live)
The Bees | Chicken Payback
The Glowhearts | Paint Picture Blue
Nigel Thomas | Fever
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Our client testimonials

‘Gavin was an integral part of my crew…was absolutely fantastic to work with. He was extremely creative, had really inventive ideas and worked tirelessly. I wouldn't hesitate in involving himin any future projects.He was a real asset to the team...’


Kate Bush

‘Infinite is one of the hardest working group of people we have had the pleasure meeting and working alongside. Infectious and creative, we've seen them tackle different genres always achieving the same result...perfection’

George Tizzard - Red Triangle Productions 


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