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What is an Explainer Video?

Clearly demonstrate your new Product or Service


Explainer videos are perfect for promoting your new product or service by demonstrating how it works. Using a variety of visual and auditory assets the Explainer  not only takes the viewer through the product or service but clearly displays the key features or processes which are beneficial to your viewer.

If you have a new product or service which is new to your range or has an exciting key feature (s) an Explainer video is for you.

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We will work with you throughout the whole production process

We will work with you to understand your product or service and help guide your choices on what assets are required to put across your message, depending on your product  or service, your audience and the medium delivering the video.

Not only will the video be tailored to suit your product or service demonstration, but also your branding and company message. Ensuring the video delivers as an explainer but is also a great promotional tool.

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A combination of visual and auditory techniques


Explainer videos can by made of numerous visual assets, from live action demonstrations, to animated breakdowns and graphical guides to interviews with the creator or testimonials with the user. Using a combination of these techniques ensures your viewer clearly understands the product.

Voiceover and / or music can accompany the video to create a memorable piece and lift a complex or heavy explanation. 

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Riveaphone required an Explainer Video to demonstrate how their product is used, but also display how it works.

Reviveaphone's The Solution Explainer Video is a collection of live action, voice over, graphics and animation.

The product is demonstrated using live action. Always focusing on the product itself, the viewer is clearly and concisely guided through the process.


Voiceover accompanies the live action demonstration. The combination clearly explains the process of using The Solution.


Graphics are used to highlight or emphasise important points and re-iterate the product name.


Animation is used to display the science behind the product and show the product working within the phone, something not possible with live action.

The video is edited at pace to allow the viewer to clearly understand the process and the benefits of the product.

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