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What is a Live Event Video?

Capture the feel of your Event


Live Event videos are very varied, from exhibitions to festivals and awards ceremonies. The video chronicles the event, highlighting the main features and the attendees.

If you have an event, exhibition or product launch coming up, a live event video is the perfect way to promote your brand, future events and give a lasting memory to the attendees.


Create a story


Live Event videos are made up of Live Footage captured at the event. The video is filmed very much like a documentary, capturing as much footage as possible to build into a running narrative through the video.

Interviews / Vox Pops function as genuine testimonials for the event In addition, interviews with organisers or key staff can give a guide to what the event or products on display. 

We will work with you to plan the right video


We will plan the shoot according to your itinerary ensuring we film the highlights of your event or exhibition.

Video is edited to create a narrative that runs through the video ensuring your highlights are featured, whether these are product breakdowns or key moments. All of the assets will be designed around capturing your company brand and message. 





Felsted School commissioned a Live Event Video to cover their student's Leavers Ball. They wanted it to capture the day, provide memories and promote the school to potential students.

Felsted's Leavers Ball video is a combination of live footage of the day and short interviews. 

The live footage captured the students enjoying the ball, it chronicles the important events but also features organic unplanned moments. The footage was shot by two camera men to ensure nothing was missed and multiple angles.


The short interviews gave the students the chance to voice their feelings and are perfect testimonials for the event and the school.   


The video was cut to a up beat and of the moment track, reminiscent of the event itself.


The edit is chronological, creating the narrative of the Ball, allowing viewers to experience vicariously the emotions felt by the attendees.

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