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What is an Internal Comms Video?

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Internal Comms videos are an incredibly useful tool to put across information to colleagues. These videos are not client facing and can take many forms. Whether it is a guide for training, a case study for a conference or statistical presentation for a pitch, video works at delivering your message in a clear and interesting way.


 If you have an in-house message to send, Internal Comms videos are perfect for creating an clear and concise impact.


Made to measure


Internal Comms videos are incredibly versatile, using whatever filmmaking techniques needed to portray your message. From interviews, to graphics and animation, to B roll footage and narrative film making.

Voice over and / music will help guide the viewer through the video, emphasising points and carry the tone of the video.

We will work with you throughout the whole production process

We will work with you to understand your objectives are for the video and help guide your choices on what assets are required to put across your message.

Not only will the video be tailored to suit your objectives  but also your branding and company message. Ensuring the video is inline with all of your company outputs.





Brandwidth required a video to demonstrate their Application for JLR used car dealerships.

The JLR video was composed of narrative pieces which correlated to graphics and a voice over guide.

The narrative pieces were captured on location at a car dealership. Actors were used to act out the required scenarios. 


The voice over was written by the client and was used as guide for creating and timing the action in the narrative.   


The video was cut to the pace of the voiceover, ensuring the graphics demonstrating the app correlated with narrative.


The video was used by the app creators to demonstrate it's use to their client in a presentation.

An excerpt from the final video, featuring the narrative pieces:

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