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What is an Product Video?

Promote your new Product


Product videos are specifically designed to promote a new product by focussing exclusively on the product. Using a selection of visual and auditory assets the Product Video highlights the Product's key features which make it stand out in the market place.

If you have a new product or product range which you want to reveal to your customers in an exciting but informative way, a Product Video is for you.


Focus on the Product


Product Videos are usually made up of several visual assets, but focus is given to the product. Pac Shots, the product showed in a clean, clear shots a very useful tool. In addition, B roll of  the product in production or a real life scenario are often employed.

Interviews and voiceover provide information about the product, from highlighting key features, it's use, the price all the way through to the benefits.

We will work with you throughout the whole production process

We will work with you to understand your product and help guide your choices on what assets are required to put across your message, depending on your product, your audience and the medium delivering the video.

Not only will the video be tailored to suit your product, but also your branding and company message. Ensuring the video delivers as an Product Video, but also represents your brand.





RDDS required a Product Video to promote their new Product range. They wanted to clearly show the new features and illustrate it's value to their clients. 

RDDS's G Series Product Video is a collection of Pac Shots, interviews, voice over, graphics and B Roll.

The product is displayed using clean Pac Shots, showing the 360 degrees of the product. Focussing on the key features and the RDDS logo.


Interviews and voice over accompanies the PAC Shot, discussing the key features and benefits of the product.


Graphics are used to highlight or emphasise important points and re-iterate the product name.


B Roll is used to display the product in construction, demonstrating the technical aspects and in real life scenarios, showing the Product in use.

The video is edited at pace to allow the viewer to clearly see the product and understand the benefits it will bring to the user.

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